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The site is a stock pot of various recipes simmering away, waiting to be served and consumed by fellow foodies and chef’s, Australia wide

The intense aroma’s and taste will help turn your mind on end and give you a whole new look and appreciation for the power of great food and the even better chef’s that cook it for you.

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Follow our in-depth dive into food additives, preservatives and safety aspects of the food we eat. With a country with huge allergy issues with our children, and ever increasing costs and reductions in quality, we will open your eyes to what is going into your body.

Our product breakdowns will allow you to get more informed details of what your favourite foods are made of. If you have a product you would like us to look at, please send us an email to: productprofiles@thecommonchef.com.au and we will put it on our list!

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So as you can see, The Common Chef is all about food and food business. If you are a hardcore foodie like us, there is sure to be something here for you!